Fast Response 

Put the Access Challenger to the test


No-one knows the Channel Island waters like Skipper Buz which is why he is known as one of the best skippers in Guernsey so over the last 40 years there is no problem that he and the Access Challenger haven't faced together. 


We've been entrusted by States Sea Fisheries, Customs, Guernsey Police, The Bomb Disposal Team, not to mention that time we did crew transfers at sea and rescued a 20,000 ton cargo ship from a massive amount of floating rope wrapped around its propeller by taking a diver to the ship. 


Access Challenger can be called out with (literally) 5-minute notice and be launched in most weathers and at sea  20-minutes, reaching Herm in 10-minutes, Jersey and Alderney in 80-minutes, Weymouth in 4 hours and St Malo in 3 1/2 hours traveling at 20 knots. This service is soon to be supported by the retired Tyne Class lifeboat, Annie Blaker.

Our Fast Response service can be used in most weathers and all tides for passengers, commercial businesses or in times of real emergency for example:


  • Inter-Island travel for grounded flights
  • Boat towing
  • Engine troubleshooting
  • Crew assistance
  • Non-life threatening medical emergencies
  • Deliveries of freight and cargo up to one ton


We're committed to helping our fellow local and visiting sailors. Prices start at £250 per hour, however, click below for all specific questions or requests. A request can be processed within 24 hours however for an immediate response call the Lifeboat on 999.