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Private Charter to Sark

The Island of Sark is a fascinating place and is still one of the only places in the world where cars are banned giving way to only horses or tractors. Sark is also one of the world's Dark Sky Community which dramatically restricts all artificial light, meaning it's an incredible place to watch the stars, thereby attracting astronomers and photographers from around the world.

Sark is made up two little islands connected by a narrow path called the Isthmus, a Latin word meaning neck which, due to the strong winds, called for people to crawl on hands and knees to avoid being blown off the path. Thankfully rails and fences now prevent that!

Sark is an incredible place full of amazing stories, legends, and folklore. Hop on board for a day trip you'll never forget and maybe you'll learn a few phrases in Sarkese or Sercquiais, a local language spoken by only 20 people in the world.

Image Credit Instagram - ToeMazz

* Please note Sark Landing Tax is £1.20 which will be collected in cash upon arrival to Sark.

The Access Challenger offers a range of Guernsey to Sark trip options. We will require 50% deposit to secure your booking and the remaining balance the day of the trip. To secure your booking email Buz on the website
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